Project managers and virtual design coordinators can save valuable time and eliminate risk through the use of our drone maps and 3D models on job sites. Whether keeping construction projects on track with shareable maps, comparing BIM models, inspecting job sites for safety, or measuring stockpiles, we improve your communications and make construction a more efficient and safer industry to work in.

Aerial Intelligence produces comprehensive data that supports all aspects of planning, compliance, and monitoring in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries.

Project Monitoring and Site Inspection

  • A weekly overhead view is invaluable when it comes to tracking progress and inspecting for safety issues.
  • An aerial view gives your team a different perspective, helping them catch issues they might not notice at ground level.
  • Weekly drone maps can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend walking an entire site for the purposes of inspection and monitoring. If an issue stands out on the drone map, tools allow you to mark the exact location of the issue and make shareable notes for efficient follow up.
  • Regular mapping flights have the added bonus of creating a complete, visual record of a site’s progress, which many project managers and site engineers find invaluable when it comes to exploring trends over time.

Share Insights, Align Teams and Inform Stakeholders

We make collaboration and information sharing, both internally and externally, easier than ever before. Our data platform is cloud based, so it’s easy to share annotated and analyzed maps between team members, or keep external stakeholders up-to-speed on the progress of a project. In contractor meetings, having a clear display of any current site issues is a powerful communication tool. Likewise, having an up-to-date drone map helps distribute information efficiently, even among large teams. Streamline the decision-making process by referencing a drone map any time changes need to be made to a project.


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