Full-Service Aerial Inspections, Analysis and Reporting
Aerial Intelligence can identify issues on roofs, building interiors and exteriors, windmills, power pylons, cell phone and water towers in a very efficient, safe and detailled manner. Complete reporting system integrated in your workflow.
Aerial Intelligence is your partner for easily assessing construction sites, tracking construction progress, and inspecting all types of structures for possible defects.
Aerial Intelligence can help you with safer and easier roof and damage inspections and faster post-disaster claims inspections, all in a very cost-effective manner. Possibility to integrate our reporting tools into your workflow.
Energy & Utilities
Industrial inspection, analysis and inventory report generated with photos, video, orthographic maps and accurate 3D models.
Paired with powerful software, Aerial Intelligence's drones can produce survey-grade maps and accurate 3D models in hours, rather than days.
Real Estate
Unprecedented perspectives of your property and its neighborhood, stunning videos and images from angles your competitors only wish they could be showing.
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