Energy & Utilities

Accurate 3D models

Aerial Intelligence creates 3D models via photogrammetry. These models can be used, among other things, to perform virtual visits of the assets or to better prepare for maintenance visits. Data is captured faster and assets modelled more accurately, improving the efficiency of the workforce.

Increasing safety during inspections

Maintenance is a major aspect of the E&U sector. All assets must be inspected on a regular basis to avoid disruptions. Most of these inspections are performed at height, by staff or via helicopters. A risk of falling and other dangers persist. Drones mitigate these risks. Drones also are faster and allow a more complete, comprehensive and accurate view of the installation.

Footage of the assets can be analyzed in detail, on the spot or afterwards. Drones allow inspections without downtime. These advantages have a major impact on overall maintenance costs. In addition to having a camera for taking pictures and videos, our drones can also be equipped with a sensor to detect gas leaks or a thermal imaging camera to check faulty solar panels.

Aerial Intelligence’s drones also make it possible to analyze the situation in real time as the results are shown on screen while the drone is flying.

Aerial photos

With our drones we can also take aerial photographs of a complete site.


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