Insurance is, at its core, a business of assessing, preventing and mitigating risk, and you are constantly looking for better information about the assets you insure. For a building, for example, that can be when assessing how much it should cost to issue an insurance policy (underwriting), what damage occurred (claims) or, in the best-case scenario, preventing claims before they happen (risk mitigation). Using our drones to gather photos, video and data about a property is a big leap in the technology behind this process.

Aerial Intelligence’s drones offer you a growing number of potential benefits. By putting our drones, rather than people, in hazardous situations, you can prevent some on-the-job injuries. Our drones can also help reduce costs. Roofs can be costly to inspect. Using our expertise is much more cost-effective. Aerial Intelligence can also help you save money following a disaster. Using a drone to capture images means fewer adjusters are needed to inspect damage at the disaster site. You may reap substantial savings as adjusters can remain in the office to review the data (a far greater set then before) and process claims faster. Able to take more photos in less time than a human, by using our drones to capture loss data, you can process claims more quickly. You can move from dangerous, hands-on, time-intensive jobs, like property inspections, to a quick, safe and much faster process that allows your workforce to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground.

  • Safer roofing and damage inspections. Roofs are notoriously difficult and hazardous to inspect. Aerial Intelligence can provide detailed images of the entire roof, including parts of the structure that aren’t accessible to humans.
  • Faster post-disaster claims inspections. Aerial Intelligence’s drones can inspect areas affected by major disasters, such as floods. We use camera-equipped drones to capture still photos or videos of damaged property which can then be used to process claims.
  • Easier insurance inspections of properties that are extensive or difficult to reach. Aerial Intelligence’s drones can be particularly useful if the insured property is extensive or difficult to reach. Certain issues may be easier to spot from the air than from the ground. A drone’s camera can be equipped with special lenses to detect problems that aren’t visible to the human eye.

Inspecting all kinds of objects through detailed photos and videos, in places where it is difficult or time-consuming for a person to recover, is one of the largest areas of application for a drone. Aerial Intelligence can take care of the inspection of:

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panels
  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Cell phone towers
  • Power pylons
  • Bridges
  • Trees
  • Water extraction areas
  • Nature Parks and Reserves


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