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Soaring above the competition

Incorporating technology into the buying and selling of homes is just part and parcel with the business as a real estate agent. Our drones are the flagship of the next generation of tools that can make it easier to sell a home by showing off its best features. Real Estate listed with drone footage will effectively rise above the competition.

Drone photography is irreplaceable

Aerial photography is unique and very difficult to emulate from the ground. These days, using a drone to capture the home from its most flattering angles, plus a look at the neighborhood, provides an ideal view of the entire space in one shot. Buyers interested in larger homes and expansive properties are given the best glimpse of everything at once, to catch their interest.

Drone technology offers agents better tools for selling

Just as drones can capture the essence and the curb appeal of the home from above, an indoor drone video can recreate a prospective buyer’s experience as they walk through the home, step by step. This opportunity for exact, unparalleled 360-degree views from an average visitor’s perspective shows people what to expect before they even walk through the door.

Aerial Intelligence's drones are accessible

In years past, the only way that people could get a reasonable aerial view of a property was to hire a helicopter and someone who is trained to take pictures and video from above. The cost and complication of this arrangement made it almost impossible to consider for all but the most expensive properties. Aerial Intelligence is very competitive in this area with prices suitable for almost any property.

Aerial videos stand out on listing sites and social media

Aerial videos on a social media post or in a listing capture attention more readily than just photos taken from the ground. Since searches tend to favor videos, this is a way to ensure your properties stay relevant.


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