Site Surveys in Days, Not Weeks

In a fraction of the time it takes to conduct a ground-based survey, our drones can automatically fly and capture imagery of a project site. Using traditional ground methods, it can take 1-2 weeks to collect survey data on a 60-acre jobsite. For most construction sites of this size, it takes less than an hour to fly and capture the same information using our drones. By using ground control points, we can achieve centimeter-level accuracy on our drone maps.

Point Clouds Compatible with BIM Software

Not only are drone-based surveys faster to perform than ground-based surveys, but they also deliver much more detailed data. Where a ground survey yields only a few hundred points of resolution, a drone-generated point cloud contains millions of points. These high-resolution point clouds seamlessly integrated into BIM software, enhancing the work of VDC teams. Point clouds can be integrated with 3D site plans to enhance a whole host of processes.

  • Enhance initial site survey and design
  • Verify earthwork
  • Comparing actual construction against plans
  • Check on the placement of concrete footings and pipes
  • Measure and compare changes over time


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